ANR31 RT Rotator aus Titan und BeCu Nanopositioners for Ambient and Vacuum Conditions
Icon Load

5 g

Icon Travel Range Rotator

360 ° endless

Icon Travel Range Rotator

0 .. 100°C

Icon Pressure

1E-4 mbar

Icon Magnetic Fields

0 - 31 T

ANR31/RT rotator made from Titanium and CuBe

smallest rotator with vertical rotation axis

As the world's smallest inertial rotator, this stage is designed to rotate small samples with high resolution in a compact 7.5 mm diameter body.
The positioner is designed for ambient conditions (/RT).
A combination of beryllium copper and titanium is the material used for this cryogenic nanopositioner, as it is nonmagnetic, and reliable low temperature performance.
Cryogenic Tablet


Coarse Positioning Mode
travel range (step mode)360 ° endless
maximum drive velocity @ 300 K~ 3 °/s
Fine Positioning Mode
fine angular positioning range @ 300 K40 m°
fine positioning resolutionµ°
Accuracy of Movement
repeatability of step sizestypically 5 % over full range
typ. forward / backward step asymmetry typically 5 %
Load (@ ambient conditions)
maximum load5 g
maximum dynamic torque around axis0.03 Ncm
Size and Dimensions
footprint; height10 mm diameter; 7.5 mm
weight2.5 g
positioner bodyberyllium copper
actuatorPZT ceramics
connecting wiresinsulated twisted pair, copper
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