ANR31 RT Rotator aus Titan und BeCu [cust] Nanopositioners for Ambient and Vacuum Conditions
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5 g

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360 ° endless

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0 .. 100°C

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0 - 35 T

ANR31/RT rotator made from Titanium and CuBe

smallest rotator with vertical rotation axis

As the world's smallest inertial rotator, this stage is designed to rotate small samples with high resolution in a compact 7.5 mm diameter body.
The positioner is designed for ambient conditions (/RT).
A combination of beryllium copper and titanium is the material used for this cryogenic nanopositioner, as it is nonmagnetic, and reliable low temperature performance.
Cryogenic Tablet


Size and Dimensions
footprint; height10 mm diameter; 7.5 mm
weight2.5 g
positioner bodyberyllium copper & titanium
actuatorPZT ceramics
connecting wiresinsulated twisted pair, copper
Coarse Positioning Mode
travel range (step mode)360 ° endless
maximum drive velocity @ 300 K~ 3 °/s
input voltage range0 - 60 V
Fine Positioning Mode
fine angular positioning range @ 300 K40 m°
fine positioning resolutionµ°
input DC voltage range @ 300 K0 - 60 V
Load (@ ambient conditions)
maximum load5 g
maximum dynamic torque around axis0.03 Ncm
General Specifications
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