mK-ready Modules

mK Atomic Force Microscopes

ready-to-use microscope modules

non-magnetic materials with high thermal conductivity

ensure mK compatibility

cantilever-based AFM with interferometric readout

suitable for MFM, PFM and ct-AFM

tuning-fork-based based AFM

suitable for SGM


attoAFM I is a compact atomic force microscope designed particularly for applications at low and ultra-low temperatures, and in high magnetic fields. The instrument works by scanning the sample underneath a fixed cantilever. Due to cantilever-sample interactions, the cantilever is deflected, which is measured with highest precision using a fiber-based Fabry–Pérot interferometer. Both contact and non-contact mode are applicable. attoAFM I is utilized for magnetic force microscopy (MFM), such as magnetic domain imaging at variable temperature or vortex imaging on superconductors, as well as for piezo-response force microscopy (PFM) on ferroelectrics and multiferroics. Other supported AFM measurement modes include Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM), conductive-tip AFM (ct-AFM) and electrostatic force microscopy (EFM).

attoAFM III features a non-optical shear force detection based on a tuning fork (TF), which makes it ideally suited for applications where input of light is problematic, either because of light-sensitive samples, or due to the additional heat load and power dissipation generated by a laser-based deflection-detection system. attoAFM III is compatible with wire-type tips glued onto one prong of a small quartz TF, as well as with commercially available TFs with integrated tips. Force resolution is typically 0.1 pN. Typical application is scanning gate microscopy (SGM) on semiconductor structures.

Last but not least, due to the open signal architecture of our powerful and flexible ASC500 SPM controller, the needs of experts are met by having control over all signals. The user-friendly software interface also supports measurement routines based on LabVIEW scripts.

Selected AFM Measurement Modes

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