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/RES Upgrade

closed loop upgrade for positioners


Finding and retrieving regions of interest greatly benefits from having /RES encoders on the coarse positioners, since this allows to address any position within the 5 mm x 5 mm x 5 mm total range of positioners with 200 nm resolution & 1-2 µm unidirectional repeatability.

This upgrade contains:

  • replacement of ANPxyz open loop positioners with ANPxyz/RES closed loop positioners
  • replacement of ANC300 open loop electronics with ANC350 closed loop electronics
  • wiring upgrade for 3xRES incl. breakout panels

optional for: attoCFM I, attoCFM II, attoRAMAN, attoAFM I, attoAFM III, attoSHPM
included in: attoAFM/CFM, attoCFM III, attoCFM IV

Article Art. No.
/RES upgrade 1009828