low temperature micro-raman spectroscopy system

witec Raman controller incl. powerful software suite

unprecedented speed, sensitivity and resolution

hyperspectral Imaging capabilities

automated Raman spectra on each pixel

ultra-high throughput spectrometer & Raman filter set

max. sensitivity and spectral resolution


The attoRAMAN instrument combines a high resolution confocal microscope with ultra sensitive Raman optics for micro-Raman spectroscopy at low temperature and in high magnetic fields. The Raman microscope is a ready-to-use system and is delivered with a Raman laser source (532 nm / 633 nm wavelength as excitation source available), ultra-high throughput spectrometer including a peltier-cooled, back-illuminated CCD, and a state-of-the-art Raman controller/software package.

The attoRAMAN uses a set of xyz-positioners for coarse positioning of the sample over a range of several mm, and a piezo-based scanner with a large scan range even at cryogenic temperatures. The Raman image is obtained by raster scanning the sample with respect to the laser focus and measuring the spectral distribution of the Raman signal for each point. For more info please refer to the fundamentals section.

Cryogenic Tablet


General Specifications
type of instrumentfree-beam based external optics head coupled to low temperature objective and ultra-high transmission spectrometer
sensor head specificsunique low temperature compatible achromatic objectives with high numerical aperture, optimized for different wavelength ranges
Confocal Unit
configurationcompact and modular design, two or more optical channels; standard configuration: one excitation and one detection channel
key benefitsquick and reliable alignment of each channel, steering mirror for combined beams long-term stability
quick-exchange of optical componentsbeamsplitters, filter mounts for up to 4 filters/polarizers, (1" diameter); optional piezoelectric rotator with filter mount
pinhole configurationtwo pinholes (fiber apertures), different illumination and collection wavelength possible
pinhole sizedependent on fibers, typically 3 .. 9 µm mode field diameter
compatible LT-objectiveLT-APO/VIS, LT-APO/VISIR, LT-APO/NIR (see accessory section for more information)
inspection unitsample imaging with large field of view: ~54 µm (attoDRY), ~40 µm (attoLIQUID)
excitation wavelength range400 .. 1000 nm, default 532 nm (others on request)
illumination port specificationFC/ APC-connector for single mode fibers or free-beam configuration
light sourcededicated Raman laser, single mode fiber coupled
light power on the sampletypically 1 pW..10mW
optical filterlaser line filter
detection mode2D Raman images, time and single point Raman spectra
spectrometerultra-high transmission spectrometer, f=300 mm
total optical transmissiongreater 60% at 532 nm
filtersdichroic mirror & edge filter for signal detection as close as 90 cm-1 to the laser line
gratingstyp. 600/mm and 1800/mm grating
spectral resolution1 cm-1 at 1800/mm grating
CCD cameraback-illuminated CCD, peltier-cooled to -60 °C at 20 °C room temperature, 1024x127 pixels, 90% quantum efficiency at 532 nm, 100 kHz readout converter
Sample Positioning
total travel range5 x 5 x 4.8 mm³ (open loop)
step size0.05..3 µm @ 300 K, 10..500 nm @ 4 K
fine scan range50 x 50 µm² @ 300 K, 30 x 30 µm² @ 4 K (open loop)
sample holderASH/QE/0 quick exchange sample holder and integrated heater with calibrated temperature sensor
Suitable Operating Conditions
temperature range1.5 K..300 K (dependent on cryostat); mK compatible setup available on request
magnetic field range0..15 T+ (dependent on magnet)
operating pressuredesigned for He exchange gas (vacuum compatible version down to 1E-6 mbar on request)
Suitable Cooling Systems
titanium housing diameter48 mm
bore size requirementdesigned for a 2" (50.8 mm) cryostat/magnet bore
compatible cryostatsattoDRY1000/1100/2100, attoLIQUID1000/2000 (attoLIQUID3000/5000 on request)
Compatibility with Electronics
scan controller and softwareFPGA-based RAMAN controller providing coarse positioning and scanning signals for x, y, and z.
Options and Upgrades
in-situ inspection opticsincl. with CFM I external optics head
closed loop upgrade for coarse positionersresistive encoder, range 5 mm, sensor resolution approx. 200 nm, repeatability 1-2 µm
sample holder upgradeASH/QE/4CX quick-exchange sample holder (8 electrical contacts, integrated heater & T-sensor)
Voigt geometry upgradeoptional scanner for Voigt & Faraday geometry
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Customer Feedback

Prof. C. Schönenberger

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, University of Basel

The attoRaman  is a versatile confocal Raman microscope that is easy to use, providing high spectral resolution and a very convenient dry cryostat that allows for a one-button cool-down to 1.6K that works at high magnetic fields."

Dr. Thiam Tan

University of New South Wales, Australia

I am impressed with the ingenuity of the attocube system. It's an amazing system that opens up exciting possibilities in materials research. Along with a strong team of experienced and expert technical staffs providing support, it certainly helps to smoothen the learning curve for the system.“