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Basic measurement insert


Optional basic measurement insert  for attoDRY1000/1100/2100 e.g. for CFM base kit.


  • patented design
  • 2x12 low-resistance brass wires
    (as e.g. required for nanopositioners) incl. 5m 12-pin patch cable and break-out panels to BNC
  • 12 manganin wires as twisted pairs for customer use
    incl. break-out panels to BNC
  • heater stage with calibrated T sensor
  • base plate
  • cage plate for mounting LT-APO objective
    (easily in height via set screws)
  • optical access via top window (diameter 25mm, BK7 uncoated)
  • breadboard based mounting stand for room temperature adjustments

Art. No.

basic measurement insert 1007005

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