Presentations on Magnetic Imaging

Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM)

Chiral non-collinear spin textures imaged by MFM and Lorentz TEM

Prof. Stuart Parkin (Max Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics, Germany) speaks about

  • anti-skyrmions and elliptical block skyrmions
  • important technological applications – racetrack memory
  • topological chiral antiferromagnets
Real-space observation of ferroelectrically induced magnetic spin crystal in SrRuO3

Samuel Seddon (University of Warwick) speaks about

  • emergence of a non-topological cycloidal magnetic spin crystal
  • stabilization of crystal by interface DMI caused by ferromagnetic-ferroelectric interface
  • first real space imaging of this phase
Variable temperature MFM measurements of magnetic oxide materials

Prof. Jan Seidel (University of New South Wales, Australia) speaks about

  • variable magnetic field & temperature MFM on complex oxides
  • magnetic transitions triggered by strain & oxygen content in (anti)ferromagnetic thin films
  • non-collinear magnetic phase transition in ferrimagnetic thin films
Physical origin of complex magnetic domain structures in manganites

Prof. Jian Shen (Fudan University, China) speaks about

  • competition between multiple interactions in complex domains in oxides
  • how doping-induced disorder plays a key role for physical properties
  • high tunability for device applications such as tunable organic spin valves

NV magentometry (NVM)

Exploring antiferromagnetic order with a single spin microscope

Prof. Vincent Jacques (University of Montpellier, France) speaks about

  • imaging domain walls in thin ferromagnets
  • imaging antiferromagnetic order 
  • magnetic noise sensing
  • imaging spin textures in antiferromagnets via spin relaxometry
Single-spin nanoscale imaging of atomically thin magnets

Prof. Patrick Maletinsky (University of Basel, Switzerland) speaks about

  • evolution and engineering of scanning quantum sensors
  • NV magnetometry of 2D van der Waals magnets
  • domain-wall mechanics in antiferromagnetic Cr2O3
Probing quantum criticality using optical NV magnetometry

Prof. Ruslan Prozorov (Iowa State University & Ames Laboratory, USA) speaks about

  • single-NV vs. NV-ensemble measurements
  • development of single-NV scanning sensors
  • minimally invasive sensing of weak vector fields in superconductors
Probing materials properties with a nano scale quantum sensor

Prof. Jörg Wrachtrup (University of Stuttgart & MPI Solid State Research, Germany) speaks about

  • overview of & introduction to spin quantum sensing
  • LT NV magnetometry on 2D materials: magnetic domain evolution in a CrBr3 bilayer
  • nanoMRI on oscillating magnetic fields from nuclei

Scanning SQUID microscopy

Determining the vibrations between sensor and sample in SQUID microscopy

Dr. John Kirtley (, Stanford, USA) speaks about

  • Stanford scanning SQUID microscope user facility
  • acquisition of time-resolved noise from single vortex as point-like source
  • Taylor series based model describing spatially averaged flux noise vs frequency
Imaging topological currents and twist-angle disorder in magic-angle graphene

Prof. Eli Zeldov (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) speaks about

  • imaging equilibrium currents in quantum Hall edge states in graphene
  • imaging equilibrium currents in magic angle graphene
  • determination of the local twist angle and twist-angle disorder

Panel Discussion

The future of magnetic imaging: What are key challenges in applications, and which techniques are going to solve these best?

Watch what our panelists think about the future of magnetic imaging.

Host: Prof. Khaled Karraï (attocube systems AG, Germany)