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Ever since the pandemic begun attocube has taken quick actions to protect the safety and health of employees by implementing strict rules of conduct in respect to hygienic measures, working from home, virtual meetings etc. This also protects attocube's business activities and production capacities. As of today, we have not seen any impact on delivery times and supply capabilities and we will do our utmost to keep this situation in the future.

Reduced lead times

It is our goal to provide maximum reliability to our customers. To help to keep your business running smoothly, we provide short and even reduced lead times for a broad range of our nanopositioning components. 

Various measures were implemented to secure and optimize our supply chain. This means that we can cover high fluctuations in demand and realize lead times lower than 8 weeks for most of our nanopositioners. Through the intensified and pro-active collaboration with our suppliers, we are able to ensure the availability of neccesary parts and to guarantee a reliable and very robust supply chain. 

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We keep your system running

Despite the international travel restrictions we are able to realize most of our installations. This is greatly possibly thanks to the strong collaboration between our engineers, our worldwide network of partners and distributors, and foremost our customers. Of course, we strictly adhere to government guidelines and hygienic rules. The health and wellbeing of our customers and employees is our first priority.

Please contact our customer success team for detailed information on installations:

We are here to support you

Our customer success team is dedicated to help and solve any maintenance and repair issue fast and most efficient. We offer remote support, telephone consultancy and are striving to answer E-Mail support requests within 24 hours. Send your request to

We stay in contact

Even though caution will continue to be paramount for quite a while yet when arranging visits, close contact with our customers is important to us. All telephone numbers and email addresses are still available to you as normal. Thanks to virtual meetings and a whole series of webinars, we can also communicate with one another face to face and search for solutions and paths for successful collaboration.

Hygenic rules

Strict hygienic measures were introduced at all company locations from office to production spaces to ensure distancing rules and to slow the spread of the virus.

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Take care and stay healthy!