ultra low noise scan voltage amplifier

The ANC250 is attocube’s high-end scan voltage amplifier for piezo scanning tubes and flexure scanners. All three input channels (-10 V…+10 V) generate differential scan voltages (x+, x-, y+, y-, z) up to 200 V. The ANC250 is notable for its ultra low noise specifications with an ouput noise of only 20 µV RMS.

Cryogenic Tablet


General Specifications
type of instrumenthigh-end scan voltage amplifier
number of slots3
Modes of Operation
positioning modescanning
Size and Dimensions
chassis19" rack, 2 rack units, 9 x 45 x 40 cm³
weight7.5 kg
Controller Hardware
power supply100/115/230V, 50 .. 60 Hz
power consumption [W]max. 60
connectorfused IEC inlet
connection cable (ELE - POS)1 per axis, length: 2m
Output Signals
output voltage range-220 .. 200 V
output currentscanning : max 10 mA
output offset voltagescanning : 100µV
maximum capacitance load1 µF
power bandwidthscanning : 650 Hz @ sinus output 400 Vpp
small signal bandwidthscanning : 2 kHz (response corresponding to 2nd order Bessel filter)
slew ratescanning : 800 V/ms (without load)
output noise20 µV (RMS)
absolute accuracy< 0.2%
temperature coefficient< 50 ppm/K
Input signals
input voltage rangeAC : -10 .. 10 V
DC : -10 .. 10 V
signal couplingDC, zero offset
input resistance1 mOhm AC
input current< 2 µA
input connectorsBNC, 50 Ohm
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