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laser detector module for interferometric AFM readout

The LDM1300 module is designed for an interferometric AFM readout, based on an IR laser with 1310 nm wavelength, and an internal InGaAs diode detector. The laser and detector are connected to two optical ports via an internal 50-50 coupler. This configuration can be used to extract the optical contrast from a Fabry-Perot cavity such as formed between a regular AFM cantilever and a single mode optical fiber (see e.g. attoAFM I). The optical port is an FC/APC connector for single mode fibers, and the detector output is provided by a BNC connector. The laser power can be adjusted between 100 µW and 33 µW per output port. The LDM1300 module is to be combined with an ACC100 chassis for electrical power supply (not included, separate item). For further details, please consult the specification sheet.

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microscopes ,features, ldm1300, schema