CFM External Optics Head

flexibility you would only expect from room temperature equipment

The external optics head of the attoCFM I has been designed with the goal to offer a maximum amount of flexibility and mechanical stability. At the same time, it provides an unmatched ease-of-use through clever and convenient features for alignment and exchange of optical components.

The head consists of two or more identical optical channels, each of which can be independently configured for excitation or detection of optical signals. Each channel features an FC/APC fiber port (removable for free-beam coupling), a collimator (adjustable for different wavelengths), easily accessible theta/phi tilt mirrors, removable drawers for exchangeable filters, and a exchangeable beam splitter mount.

The concentric optical beams of all channels can be guided altogether via a steering mirror, before they enter (or leave) the cryostat insert through an optical window on top of the microscope insert. Besides, the head includes a convenient and powerful inspection optics with CCD camera.
In fact, with this head, the attoCFM I for cryogenic operation offers a flexibility and convenience usually only seen in room temperature instruments.

microscopes, features, cfm external head, schema

  1. FC/APC fiber port
  2. Collimator
  3. Mirror
  4. Up to two filter mounts (optional) or rotatable polarizer (optional)
  5. Dichroic beam splitter (exchangeable) with optional laser filter and detection filter
  6. LED illumination (broadband)
  7. CCD camera for inspection
  8. Beamsplitter
  9. Stearing mirror for the combined beams
  10. Low temperature compatible objective
  11. Sample
  12. XYZ coarse positioners + XY scanner

Set up your own experiment

This figure gives an overview of all options regarding filters, beamsplitters and rotators, which can be configured for every channel of the attoCFM I separately.

microscopes, features, attoCFMI external head

  1. Collimator -> beam diameter ~ 5 mm optional free-beam coupling (also in conjunction with attoDRY1000/1100 see next page); easily adjustable for different wavelengths (single mode fibers)
  2. FC/APC coupled single mode fiber to/from excitation laser or detector/spectrometer serves as blocking pinhole in confocal detection covering the following ranges: 305 - 450nm; 405 - 532nm; 450 - 600nm; 600 - 800nm; 780 - 970nm; 970 - 1650nm; 1260 - 1620nm
  3. Beamsplitter position easily switchable from outside: remove from beam to disengage channel
  4. Two additional filter mounts on beamsplitter cube: up to two 1“ filters (thickness < 11 mm) or SM1 threaded lens tube filters
  1. Beamsplitter options Default: modified Zeiss cube, compatible with any plate beamsplitter of dimensions 25.2mm x 35.6mm x 1.05mm (e.g. dichroic beamsplitters 400-800nm center wavelength)
  2. Optional: polarizing beamsplitter cube
  3. Optional: non-polarizing beamsplittercube
  4. Filter drawer: up to two 1“ filters (thickness < 11 mm) or SM1 threaded lens tube filters optional rotator with/without encoder and 1“ filter mount (thickness <12 mm)
  5. Theta/phi mirrors for each channel easily adjustable from the outside