Platforms for mK Research

Platforms for mK Research

state-of-the art dilution refrigerators with fast sample exchange

Crucial criterion for certain experiments such as scanning probe microscopy is the ability for fast turnaround times for tip and sample exchange. This is possible by using fast sample exchange mechanisms, which are available either as so-called top-loaders, or bottom-loaders (see schematics below).

While top-loaders provide slightly higher cooling power, bottom-loaders carry the advantage of significantly lower overall system size, making them the right choice in case of limited ceiling height in existing laboratories. In addition, the cabling in bottom-loaders is routed through the main DR itself, which helps to thermalize the wiring.

Through close collaborations with DR suppliers and leading scientists in several projects over the last 20 years, attocube has gained substantial experience in helping to choose appropriate DRs, providing the right components enabling special applications, and assiting with their integration into the mK environment.

Dilution Refrigerators

top or bottom loading


DR with top-loading probe

Top-loading probes constitue the standard solution for fast sample exchange in DRs, which enables both fast turnaround time for sample exchange and high cooling power.


DR with bottom-loading probe

Fast sample exchange via bottom-loading probes further increases the ease-of-use, and significantly decreases the required room height for installation of a DR.