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Instrument Concept - Speed and Performance

Nanonis TrameaTM

The concept behind the Nanonis Tramea™ quantum transport measurement system is a major advancement compared to the technology used in most conventional measurement systems. Some of the most important differences are:

  • Real-time data generation and acquisition and FPGA-based signal processing offer massively faster speed, more flexibility and superior signal performance compared to conventional “boxed” hardware. Also, slow data busses like GPIB or RS-232 are no longer necessary since data acquisition runs on a real-time system in a single instrument. For the same reason, the measurement PC has no influence on the measurement speed.
  • The integration of all functions into one platform with purely digital signal processing eliminates the need of analog signal routing and complex wiring. Operations between signals can be done much faster, in a user-friendly fashion and without risk of sample damage.
  • The concept and workflow do not change if the number of signals is increased or the application requires new measurement techniques. This means immediate productivity and the ability to grow with the experimental requirements without any drawback.