attocube Software Modules

within TrameaTM GUI

All involved modules have been seamlessly integrated into the GUI of the nanonis Tramea™ software. This allows to control  the whole phase space given by variable temperature & magnetic field, as well as 3-dimensional rotation of the sample, and any given voltage or current, within one powerful software environment.

Parameters for each module (temperature, magnetic field, atto3DR) can be set up in the corresponding module before measurements or for calibration and orientation purposes. In addition, there is an extremely versatile n-dimensional sweeper that allows for automated, unsupervised long measurement cycles over a whole variety of parameters.

Last but not least, the software also contains an animated 3D model of the atto3DR. It facilitates better orientation for the user in case of complicated 3-dimensional sweeps through direct visualization of the different rotations involved. It also provides warning messages when a desired sweep involves field or angular flips in order to complete a certain cycle. Hence, the user can decide whether he/she wants to continue manually or in an automated fashion.

measurement tools, attotms, features, attocube modules, atto3dr control

atto3DR control

  • Adjust rotator angles
  • Absolute or relative motion
  • Customizable coordinate systems
  • Full 3D rotation with automatic magnetic field inversion
measurement tools, attotms, features, attocube modules, atto3dr view

atto3DR view

  • Maintain overview of actual sample orientation in rotator coordinates
  • Perform simulated rotations
  • Check rotation limits
measurement tools, attotms, features, attocube modules, nd sweeper

nD sweeper module

  • Programmable automated sequences of measurements
  • Sweeps of multiple independant channels (B, T, theta, phi, voltages, currents,...)
  • Master 1D and 3D sweeper modules
measurement tools, attotms, features, attocube modules, magnet temperature control

Magnet & Temperature control

  • Monitor cryostat parameters in remote
  • Adjust sample temperature
  • Adjust magnetic field
  • Adjust other B & T parameters (persistent mode, ...)