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test measurement, installlation support, and training

Since measurements in nanometer range are not a trivial task, our dedicated service team will support you in installing and using our interferometers. Besides our conventional customer support, like repair or recalibration, we offer a wide range of additional services to enable our customers in handling interferometers for displacement measurements in nanometer range.

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Test Measurements for Technical Feasibility

Contactless measurements of displacements in nanometer range can be challenging: limited space conditions, specific targets, or requirements on angular tolerances can jeopardize the technical feasibility of a measurement. In some cases, the applicability can only be approved when conducting respective tests. attocube offers a service to evaluate the technical feasibility of customized measurement tasks: our application team performs tests to e.g. determine the tolerances and specifications of sensor heads used for your set-up.

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displacement senors, services, services and training, training fundamentals laser interferometer

Installation Service: Application Engineer Visit

This service is relevant for first-time users of our interferometers who need support in setting up the measurement system. It is also focuses more experienced users dealing with challenging applications. Our experts from precision engineering visit you to provide on-site support. The installation service includes to demonstrate how to set up the interferometer and how to start a nanometer precise measurement. For more experienced users, our application engineers may support you in integrating our components into your machine or system.

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displacement senors, services, services and training, training fundamentals

Training: Fundamentals Laser Interferometer

The one-day workshop includes fundamental know-how about using laser interferometers for displacement measurement. In addition to interferometric fundamentals and potential applications, attocube´s miniaturized laser interferometer is presented and participants will use the interferometer in a hands-on session. The training takes place at our headquarter in Munich on a regular basis. On request, the training’s content can be adjusted for in-house seminars.

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Interferometer Training

displacement senors, services, services and training, calibration certification

Calibration & Certification

Our laser interferometers are traceable to the NIST and the PTB and each of them is referenced on the PTB-certified IDS3010. The environmental compensation unit (ECU) for measuring air temperature, humidity, and air pressure is calibrated and adjusted at our facilities. Additionally, we offer calibrating the ECU in DAkkS-certified laboratories. Since the calibration of the ECU lasts for one year, we offer recurring factory-calibrations.

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