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wide range of sensor heads

Overview standard sensor heads

The IDS can be operated with different sensor heads: ultra compact heads for the most confined spaces or alternative designs where priority is given to easy alignment or to the compatibility with various target materials (glass, aluminum, ceramic, etc.).

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Customized sensor heads

For measuring displacements in a nanometer scale, sensor heads must fit the application‘s characteristics. For applications exceeding the standard range of applications or sensor heads, attocube offers a customization service providing sensor heads adapted the specific application.


This customization service includes the variation of the optics type, the focal length, the mounting, the connecting fiber, and the environment (see the page on the right). Our expert sales personnel will lead you through our process for characterizing your application and to find a suitable sensor head that will be produced for this specific applications.

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Wide Angle

Applications requiring a wide angle tolerance can be realized by the customized M12/C1.6 sensor head. This collimating sensor head is compatible to the wide angle option that allows tolerance angles up to +-2° (depending on the working distance). The wide angle option can be activated via the webserver. The effect of the wide angle option is based on the dual pass mode because the laser beam is passing the cavity twice: after first time passing, the beam is reflected by the ferrule back to the target and then reflected to the fiber (see figure on the left…). This enables large working distances for a lower angle tolerance as well as a high angle tolerance for smaller working distances.

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Customized Sensor Head for Space-limited Applications

Machine-integrated measurements do not provide a lot of space for conventional measurement systems. Realizing measurements in space-limited applications requires a compact design of sensor heads and electronics. The customized sensor heads with a diameter of 1.2 mm fulfill those requirements of lowest space consumption. The small size of the sensor head is possible because the sensor heads include no electronic parts or beam splitters. Furthermore, this sensor head is available with different focal lengths.

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Customized Sensor Head Focusing Directly on Buckled Guide Rails

To identify the positioner accuracy of a linear stage, the motion of the linear stage is tracked by a laser interferometer. The buckled guide rails make the stage tilting while moving which requires a high angle tolerance for the measurement system. If the measurement setup requires a direct measurement on the stage without mounting a retroreflector, the sensor head M12/C7.6 is not suitable because it is only applicable to retroreflectors. The customized sensor head M12/C1.6 has a collimating optics with a beam diameter of 1.6 mm and fulfills the requirements of high angle tolerance combined with the capability of measuring on non-mirror surfaces (see application on page 242).