Sensor Head M15.5/C1.6/FLEX

Sensor Head M15.5/C1.6/FLEX

Ø 22 mm, length 20.6 mm

With the same optics like the M12/C1.6, the sensor head M15.5/C1.6/FLEX can also be used for long-range measurements on miniaturized retroreflectors and plane mirrors. It is additionally equipped with a flexible structure for an easier alignment of the sensor head: The head can be tilted with a range of 1°.

The sensor kit package for ambient conditions includes a glass fiber (length: 5 m) for connecting the sensor head to the interferometer controller. Depending on the environmental option chosen, an additional fiber for connecting the sensor head in-situ is also included (/LT/HV, /RAD, /UHV).

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Sensor Head
optics typecollimating
dimensionsØ 22 mm, length 20.6 mm
weight [g]16.1
mountingmetric M15.5 x 0.5
spot size1.6 mm
beam diameter [mm]1.6
focal length [mm]infinity
working range (target: mirror) [mm]up to 1000
angular tolerance (target: mirror) [°]± 0.02
lateral tolerance (target: retroreflector) [mm]± 0.5
angular tolerance (target: retroreflector) [°]± 6
fiber connectionscrewed
Flex Structure
tilt range
pressureambient pressure
temperature0 .. 50°C
Main Materials
housingTitanium Grade 2 (3.7035)
lensglass (with AR C coating)
Scope of Delivery
fiber IDS-sensor headIDSMF/PC/RT (1009980)
number of axes1
alignment toolhexagon wrench key
attenuatorConnector. SC/APC, Attenuation: 1dB
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