displacement sensors, accessories, feedthroughs


for vacuum chambers

KF flange: We supply KF vacuum flanges with FC/APC optical feedthrough in sizes KF16 to KF63, with one to three optical feedthroughs (depending on flange size). KF flanges are vacuum compatible down to 10-8 mbar (high vacuum).

CF flange: We supply CF vacuum flanges with FC/APC optical feedthrough in sizes CF16 to CF63, with one to three optical feedthroughs (depending on flange size). CF flanges are compatible down to 5x10-11 mbar and can be baked out at up to 180 °C. These CF flange feedthroughs are designed for UHV operation.

Article Art. No.
FVFT/1/KF40 1007201
FVFT/3/KF40 1007203
FVFT/1/CF40 1007192
FVFT/3/CF40 1007196


displacement sensors, accessories, fibers


connecting to feedthroughs and sensor heads

attocube’s interferometer setups are all fiber-based systems allowing for convenient usage both in ambient conditions as well as extreme environments. Consequently, a wide variety of suitable standard and customized fibers is available.

Compatible environments

/RT (ambient conditions): 0 .. 100 °C, 1x10-4 mbar .. 10 bar
/HV (high vacuum): 0 .. 150 °C, 1x10-8 mbar .. 10 bar
/UHV (ultra high vacuum): 0 .. 150 °C, 1x10-10 mbar .. 10 bar
/LT (low temperature): mK .. 423 K (150 °C 1x10-4 mbar .. 10 bar
/RAD (radiation hard): 0 .. 150 °C, up to 10 MGy radiation dose

Article Art. No.
IDSMF/PC/RT 1009980
IDSMF/APC/RT 1009981
IDSMF/HV/LT 1015965
IDSMF/UHV 1016354



displacement sensors, accessories, ecu

Environmental Compensation Unit - ECU

for ambient conditions

In order to reduce position inaccuracy due to air-induced variations of the index refraction, attocube supplies an environmental compensation unit (ECU). By locally measuring environmental parameters, an accuracy of typically better ± 1 ppm can be achieved in air. The ECU is plug and-play compatible with all IDS models and can be screw- or magnet mounted.

Article Art. No.
ECU 1014395



displacement sensors, accessories, plane mirrors

Plane Mirrors

small targets for measurements

Plane mirrors are used in applications were miniature size matters and where vacuum/ low temperature compatibility is key. Available in different standard sizes and customized dimensions of up to 400 mm length.

Recommended sensor heads: D4/F17, M12/F40, M15.5/F40/FLEX


Article Art. No.
aluminium mirror Ø 5 mm: 1010847
aliminium mirror Ø 9 mm: 1010846


displacement sensors, accessories, retroreflectors


targets with high angular tolerance

Retroreflectors are used for large dynamic working ranges, such as wafer stage position tracking, industrial machining or coordinate measurement machines Working range up to 5000 mm.

Recommended sensor heads: M12/C7.6

Article Art. No.
mounted retroreflector Ø 12.7 mm ambient 1020179
mounted retroreflector Ø 12.7 mm LT/HV/UHV 1020181
mounted retroreflector Ø 3 mm LT/HV/UHV 1020183
retroreflector Ø 12.7 mm LT/HV/UHV 1020180
retroreflector Ø 3 mm LT/HV/UHV  1013418


displacement sensors, accessories, customized accessories

Customized Accessories

for individual customer wishes

For specific applications, we offer adapted accessories components. We can change the flange of a vacuum feedthrough, we can adapt the focal length of our sensor heads, and we offer individual targets for customized sensor heads, e.g. varying dimensions of mirrors or specific retroreflectors. Depending on our customers’ requirements, we can also change the length or the materials of the fibers. If you want to know the technical feasibility of your customization idea, please contact our sales team.