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Touch Screen

for convenient cryostat control

Via the integrated 4.3“ capacitive touchscreen, the attoDRY800 &2100 cryostats provide a convenient and intuitive interface for a state-of-the-art user experience. The desired sample temperature T and magnetic field B (attoDRY2100) can be set easily by virtually pressing a button directly at the cryostat, enabling a true set-and-forget type of operation. Of course, more elaborate measurement schemes such as programmable sweeps of T and B (attoDRY2100) are also possible via the USB interface and LabVIEW®.


cryostats, features, touch screen, main

Main Screen

Enter your desired temperature and field (attoDRY2100) for your measurement.

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Simply enter your desired value for field and temperature via the numpad screen.

cryostats, features, touch screen, bild 2


Temperature / magnetic field control opotions: manual or automatic PID, persistent mode on / off.

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Status Screen

Monitor the pressure and pump frequency of the integrated turbomolecular pump as well as heater powers and temperatures of the cooling stages.