cryostats, features, optical breadboard add-on, heroshot

Optical Breadboard Add-On

  • breadboard drawer 500 mm x 475 mm x 12.7 mm
  • metric (M6 threads on 25 mm centers)
  • mounting kit for base plate of removable drawer

cryostats, features, basic measurement insert

Basic Measurement Insert

  • patented design
  • 2x12 low-resistance brass wires (as e.g. required for nanopositioners) incl. 5m 12-pin patch cable and break-out panels to BNC
  • 12 manganin wires as twisted pairs for customer use incl. 5m 12-pin patch cable and break-out panels  to BNC
  • heater stage with calibrated T sensor
  • base plate for sample mounting
  • cage plate for mounting LT-APO objective (easily adjustable in height via set screw fixation)
  • optical access via top window (diameter 25mm, fused silica uncoated)
  • breadboard based mounting stand for room temperature adjustments

cryostats, features, cfm base kit, heroshot

CFM Base Kit

The base kit allows to equip each attoDRY cryostat with several different optical inserts, each one optimized for a specific experiment.

cryostats, features, touch screen attodry1000 2100

Touch Screen

for accurate measurement control

Via the integrated 4.3“ capacitive touchscreen, the attoDRY800 &2100 cryostats provide a convenient and intuitive interface for a state-of-the-art user experience.