Satellite Deformation Detection

Satellite Deformation Detection

displacement measurement of optical elements during thermal-vacuum testing

The space environment imposes extremely stringent design constraints on observation spacecraft, especially in terms of thermo-elastic stability. Allowing high resolution earth observation for e.g. weather forecasting requires the highest stability in the permanent alignment of the optical imaging elements. These constraints translate into demanding validation processes including detailed characterizations and thermo-mechanical model correlations by means of ambient and high vacuum test campaigns. The deformation of the system must be monitored with the highest accuracy, with extreme temperature changes of up to +-150°C and under vacuum conditions.    

attocube's solution

With the IDS3010 interferometer, the relative position change of optical components can be measured flexibly over short and long distances while offering the highest precision. Measurements can be made directly on high quality surfaces like mirrors or polished metals, while the multi-axis design allows for angular measurements. Furthermore, the high measurement stability provides reliable and precise data over long time periods and a high number of testing cycles. 

Displacement Sensor IDS3010

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Control Unit
  • multi-axis measurements 
  • certified accuracy in the nanometer range
  • software and real-time interfaces
Sensor Heads
  • working distance up to 30 m
  • vacuum, low & high temperature compatible
  • compatible with different surfaces (mirrors, polished metal…)