Optics and Sample Positioning

Optics and Sample Positioning

ultra precise multi-axis positioning with interferometric closed-loop

X-ray microscopes at beamline end stations use the shortwave synchrotron radiation to achieve imaging resolutions far beyond classical microscopy techniques. In addition to the extraordinary light source, these systems require the highest accuracy in the alignment of multiple optical components with respect to the sample.

Multi-axis motion solutions must allow for high accuracy initial alignment and ultra-precise position control during imaging. In order to achieve nanometer resolution and the highest contrast, systems are operated in HV or UHV conditions and common optical encoder solutions have to be replaced by more precise sensors for closed-loop motion control. Despite the radiation exposure, all components inside the vacuum chamber must provide reliable performance, as exchanges would cause significant delays and high costs.     

attocube's solution

attocube´s portfolio of precision components and long-term experience in nanotechnology solutions enable combinations of different piezo stages, like inertia drives or scanners with interferometric readout. All components are suited for radiation harsh and vacuum environments and our application engineers are keen to find the best solution for your specific application needs. 




  • nanometer precision
  • stackable positioners
  • UHV compatibility up to 5x10-11 mbar

Interferometer Sensor:

  • picometer resolution
  • multi-axis measurements
  • vacuum, low & high temperature, radiation compatible