Magnetic Field Control

Magnetic Field Control

probe positioning & distance detection at bending magnets, undulators and wigglers

X-rays, also referred as synchrotron radiation, serve as an important tool to observe the structure and dynamics of matter. Modern light sources like free-electron lasers or third and fourth generation storage rings provide X-rays for a vast range of scientific areas, such as nanotechnology, health and medicine, engineering, forensics, archaeology, and agriculture.

The synchrotron radiation is generated by bending magnets, wigglers or undulators. While bending magnets and wiggler radiation have a broader spectrum of photon energies, undulators generate narrow peaks, i.e. bright and coherent radiation at specific harmonics. In order to control the emitted radiation, the magnetic field characteristics are essential and must be analyzed. This can be achieved by precisely positioning e.g. Hall probes inside the magnetic field. To permanently ensure the radiation quality and the correct guidance of the particle beam, the position and stability of bending magnets must be continuously monitored with highest accuracy. 

attocube's solution

attocube´s compact positioners can be used in magnetic fields, and by combining linear and rotatory stages, precise 6 DoF positioning of Hall probes is possible. For even higher motion precision, the IDS3010 interferometer can be utilized as an advanced closed-loop sensor. Furthermore, the interferometer can be flexibly integrated for permanent monitoring of the bending magnets position stability.

Download the Application Note: Piezo-based Positioning for Magnetic Field Detection




  • nanometer precision
  • stackable positioners
  • non-magnetic options

Interferometer Sensor:

  • certified accuracy in nanometer range
  • miniaturized sensor heads
  • multi-axis measurements