6 DoF Sample Manipulation

6 DoF Sample Manipulation

interferometric closed-loop control

Using shortwave synchrotron radiation enables outstanding resolution in imaging or crystallography of e.g. biological samples. For such set-ups the accurate positioning of the sample in all degrees of freedom is key: even a few nanometers of unintended displacement or angular misalignment during sample rotation impact the achievable resolution significantly. Therefore, rotational runout and wobble must be prevented by any cause.

With the RZ-6DOF Maglev Sample Manipulator MI-Partners developed an advanced positioning solution for these requirements. To guarantee true nanometer accuracy, closed-loop position control - by one or multiple sensors which offer such accuracy - is essential. In addition, the sensor must be compact enough to be integrated in the manipulator system and compatible with extreme environments, such as e.g. vacuum or cryogenic.*

attocube's solution

attocube´s fiber based IDS3010 laser interferometer offers highest accuracy even in extreme environments. The compact sensor heads can be flexibly integrated in complex manipulator systems. The simultaneous measurement with all 3 optical axes of one device - or the synchronization of multiple interferometers by using the optional BiSS-C Interface - allows multi degree of freedom measurements. 

* attocube acts as supplier of individual precision components and was not actively involved in the development process of the RZ-6DOF Maglev Sample Manipulator by MI-Partners.


Displacement Sensor IDS3010



Control Unit
  • multi-axis measurements
  • multiple real-time interfaces
  • certified accuracy in the nanometer range
Sensor Heads
  • vacuum, low & high temperature, and radiation compatible
  • miniaturized sensor heads
  • direct measurment on various surfaces