On-Demand Webinars




Moiré Excitons in 2D Semiconductor Heterostructures 

In this online demo you will learn:

  • what is the benefit of using layered 2D materials for creating superlattices
  • how to use them to realize arrays of circularly polarized quantum emitters
  • how to use them to study many-body physics at liquid Helium temperatures that was previously only accessible in nano-Kelvin atomic gasses and optical lattices
  • how to perform such measurements with the help of an attoDRY2100 and LT-APO
  • …and why the mechanical stability and resolution of the attoCFM confocal microscopy insert was crucial to their research




Standardized Calibration of CNC Machines and CMMs

In this online demo you will learn:

  • to define standardized & automated measurements
  • to analyze data & create calibration certificates
  • to derive correction tables to increase machine accuracy

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Nano-precise optical displacement measurement

In this online demo we will demonstrate:

  • how to measure high speed and long range movements with nanometer accuracy
  • how to characterize vibrations using advanced FFT and PSD analysis
  • how to analyze material deformation measuring directly on various surfaces

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Nano-Precise Positioning with Multi-Axis Stages

We will demonstrate:

  • how to align samples and beam paths precisely using a positioner stack
  • how to minimize runout errors of sample and optics rotation at ambient & vacuum conditions
  • how to set up a multi-axis nanopositioner stack

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