Ultraprecise Microscopy Stages

Ultraprecise Microscopy Stages

high stability piezo solutions for fast sample positioning

improved drive technology

based on slip-stick or ultrasonic principle

optimized for noise sensitive applications

high frequency motion 

monolithic design

outstanding stability and space-saving

1 nm resolution with optional encoder

highest precision motion detected by an optoelectronic encoder

The Challenge

Driven by the need for ever-increasing resolution, a multitude of microscopy applications require fast yet highly accurate sample positioning. This is particularly true for target motion in optical imaging such as super resolution microscopy, topographical measurements, optical material analyses or in cell array investigation. The relative and precise positioning of samples with respect to an objective or probe head such as an AFM cantilever is a key condition for reliable and reproducible measurement results.

The Solution

attocube´s customizable microscopy stages provide noiseless yet fast motion for an undisturbed working environment over up to a several centimeter travel range. Moreover, piezo-based positioning devices offer the needed reliability, precision and repeatability for highly accurate microscopy applications. Monolithic xy-units and fully assembled xyz stacks optimize the stability and precision amongst the travelling axes and minimize the needed installation space. 

The slip-stick based drive technology can also be integrated into most stages of the ECS series.

Typical Applications


  • super resolution microscopy
  • topographical measurements
  • optical material analyses
  • positioning of optics and optical components