Next Level of Precision: Customized Motion & Sensing Solutions

In this online demo we show:

  • customized positioning solutions for microscopy applications
  • customized sensoric solutions for applications in extreme environments
  • combined Motion & Sensing solutions for ultimate precision and accuracy

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Standardized Calibration of CNC Machines and CMMs

In this online demo you will learn:

  • to define standardized & automated measurements
  • to analyze data & create calibration certificates
  • to derive correction tables to increase machine accuracy

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Nano-Precise Optical Displacement Measurement

In this online demo we will demonstrate:

  • how to measure high speed and long range movements with nanometer accuracy
  • how to characterize vibrations using advanced FFT and PSD analysis
  • how to analyze material deformation measuring directly on various surfaces

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Nano-Precise Positioning with Multi-Axis Stages

We will demonstrate:

  • how to align samples and beam paths precisely using a positioner stack
  • how to minimize runout errors of sample and optics rotation at ambient & vacuum conditions
  • how to set up a multi-axis nanopositioner stack

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