attocube's integrated nano-characterization platform connects the outstanding cooling performance of the fully automated attoDRY1100 low-vibration cryostat with sophisticated instrumentation such as attocube's world-renown low temperature scanning probe microscopes. attoDRY LAB: Cool Down. Measure. Publish.

attoAFM closed loop scanning

Piezo-based scanners routinely used for scanning probe microscsopy (SPM) deliver high resolution, yet suffer from nonlinearities and creep, resulting in image distortion and difficult feature retrieval with high precision. Using a fiber-based interferometer, our cryogenic SPMs feature closed loop scanning and a ‘global’ sample coordinate  (GSC) system over 5 mm x 5 mm.

alignment-free cantilever holder

attocube introduces its new alignment-free cantilever holder facilitating tip exchange and the mechanical alignment of the cantilever in all AFM/MFM microscopes. The new AFM head features a folding mechanism, which allows to easily extract the cantilever holder for tip exchange without dismounting the AFM head itself.


Tired of the difficulties in combining different instruments in one software routine yourself? The attoTMS based on the Nanonis TrameaTM software with dedicated attocube mo- dules allows for automated measurements with variable temperature, magnetic field, 3D sample orientation and arbitrarily varying electrical signals.


The 3DR double rotation module provides access to full magnetic field (e.g. 9T) in all directions relative to the sample surface. attocube's brand new 3-dimensional rotator unit for in-situ operation makes vector magnets obsolete. Be smart - rotate your sample, not the magnet!

Installation at ICN2

The group of G. Catalán & N. Domingo created a video of the installation of an attoAFM & an attoDRY1000 @ their institute: Apart from surface topography, the new equipment can map electronic, electromechanical and magnetic properties with nanoscopic lateral resolution, at temperatures as low as 4 K and under magnetic fields as high as 9T. Visit their website here

IDS3010 - Trailer

The ultra-compact and dynamic IDS3010 is a contactless interferometric measuring sensor for the engineering industry. It easily surpasses the performance of other presently available sensor technologies in terms of precision, speed and industrial compatability.

IDS3010 measurement software

'WAVE' is attocube's measurement software for real time data analysis and processing. The software package offers fast and easy data acquisition, evaluation and reporting and is available for all IDS devices. This tutorial gives a short overview on functionalities and operation of WAVE.

IDS3010 - Loan Kit

This tutorial describes the most important components of the IDS loan kit, like e.g. mounting structures or the environmental compensation unit (ECU). All these components are included in the delivery range of the loan kit that can be ordered for checking the applicability and performance of the laser interferometer. Get more info on the loan kit here

IDS3010 presentation

attocube's interferometric displacement sensor IDS3010 is the perfect choice for challenging OEM applications. Watch the product presentation which explains the main features of our innovative sensor.

IDS3010 working principle

Fabry-Perot Interferometry enables ultraprecise and stable measurements with compact components over long working ranges. This video explains the working principle of the IDS3010 that is based on the reflected beam interfering with the reference beam.

Sensor for ultra-precise adjustments

Conventional adjustment units in machines commonly use classic incremental encoders for position counting. These suffer from certain inherent errors, related to both design and mounting. In particular, inaccuracies of the mechanical guides can lead to quality problems in the production process. The IDS3010 enables contactless measurements and position tracking for those applications.


Measurement system for pick & place applications

Semiconductor structures are manufactured in two dimensional lithography processes. This method quickly reaches its limits. Three-dimensional stacking of memory modules is a novel technique to overcome this problem. Precise measurement methods are vital here. The IDS3010 includes three axes in just one device and housing – for more-dimensional displacement measurements.


Motor shaft concentricity measurements

Tactile sensors are used to measure the concentricity of motor shafts, crankshafts and camshafts. However, these impose severe restrictions on the speed and accuracy of the measurements. Since even the slightest imbalances (runout) can result in very serious problems, this method quickly reaches its limits. The IDS3010 is capable to measure on different geometrical shapes of the target, e.g. of spherical and circular targets. The interferometer can also capture those motions with a high bandwidth to identify smallest motion errors.


In-line process control in extreme conditions

Process controls in extreme environmental conditions represent a daunting challenge for measurement systems. Etching processes in semiconductor manufacturing, for example, take place in a highly reactive gas environment at temperatures of 400° Celsius. Sensor based solutions are so far virtually non-existent. The IDS3010 is compatible to harsh environments like ultra-high vacuum or high temperature.


Detection of vibration amplitudes

Mechanical vibration impacts the productivity of machining operations. Yet conventional systems are not suitable for measuring the difference in vibration spectra directly between the tool and the workpiece. Active vibration compensation is therefore impossible. The IDS3010 is a miniaturized tool for identifying vibrations and for post processing measurement data for vibration compensation.


Calibration of machine tools and CMMs

Machine tools and coordinate measuring machines are normally calibrated using Michelson laser interferometers. However, the high acquisition costs and relatively complex attachment inside the machine make calibration runs both expensive and time-consuming. Because of its small size, the robust design, and the traceability to international standards, the IDS3010 is suitable for calibration applications in machine tools or coordination measurement machines.


Industrial Line movie

attocube's piezo-based positioning drive series perfectly meets the needs of today's nanotechnology industry for highly precise, reliable, and equally cost-effective positioning systems. The compact drive units realize the most challenging positioning tasks e.g. in precision machining and are further successfully utilized for the nano-precise alignment of optical and mechanical components.

attocube 'Deutscher Gründerpreis'

In 2008 attocube systems has been awarded with the German Gründerpreis (Founder Award). The prize is one of the most prestigious awards in the whole country. Watch the official nomination video (Germany version only).