Presentations on Quantum Optics

2D materials & 2D magnets

Exciton sensing of condensed matter phenomena  

Kin Fai Mak (Cornell University, Ithaca, USA) speaks about

  • semiconductor moiré materials
  • rydberg sensing of electron crystals
  • optical detection and imaging of quantum anomalous Hall state
Exploring quantum light from hexagonal boron nitride

Dr. Koperski (National University of Singapore, Singapore) speaks about

  • controlled Defect Engineering
  • carbon doped hBN as a novel material system
  • single photon emission
Engineering quantum states in 2D materials

Prof. Bernhard Urbaszek (INSA Toulouse, France) speaks about

  • TMD monolayers
  • tunable exciton transition in MoS2 bilayers
  • interlayer excitons in MoS2 bilayers
Sensing Moiré magnetism via single-spin quantum magnetometry

Prof. Xiaodong Xu (University of Washington, USA) speaks about

  • Moiré superlattices formed by 2D magnets
  • interlayer Magnetism in Crl3 layers
  • six-fold symmetry in autocorrelation function

Optical cavities

A quantum dot in an open microcavity

Prof. Richard Warburton (University of Basel, Switzerland) speaks about

  • boosting light matter interaction in micro cavities
  • exciton-photon strong and weak coupling
  • analysis of high-efficient single photon source
Open-cavity in closed-cycle cryostat as a quantum optics platform

Dr. Samarth Vadia (Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany) speaks about

  • optical fiber as open cavity
  • tunable cavity in closed cycle cryostat
  • stability challenges of a micro cavity
A turn-key micro-cavity quantum optics system

Dr. Hümmer (Qlibri, Munich, Germany) speaks about

  • fiber micro mirrors properties
  • setup of micro cavity system
  • stabilization of micro cavities

Quantum computing & quantum networks

Optical quantum computing

Prof. Chao-Yang Lu (University of Science and Technology of China, China) speaks about

  • Gaussian Boson sampling
  • squeezed state sources instead of Single photon sources
  • single photon sources for quantum communication
Building up modular optical quantum computing platforms

Dr. Niccolo Somaschi (Quandela, Paris, France) speaks about

  • photonic quantum computing platforms
  • quantum Dots in Micropillar cavity
  • standalone optical qubit emitter
Towards QD-based quantum networks

Dr. Claire Le Gall (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom) speaks about

  • spin photon interfaces
  • nuclear spin ensembles as quantum memory
  • spin control of Quantum dot spins

Quantum sensing & quantum simulation based on NV centers

Exploring high-pressure superconductivity using diamond point defects

Prof. Jean-François Roch (ENS, Paris-Saclay, France) speaks about

  • novel materials at pressures above 100 GPa
  • diamond anvil cells
  • NV color centers as magnetic quantum sensors
Unconventional spin diffusion in dipolar spin ensembles

Prof. Norman Yao (University of California, Berkeley, USA) speaks about

  • coupled spin qubits in diamond as experimental platform
  • inhomogeneous spin polarization profiles by polarization transfer
  • identification of hydrodynamic time regimes

Panel Discussion

Magneto and quantum optics: from science to quantum technology        

Watch what our panelists think about the future of magneto and quantum optics.

Hosts: Prof. Khaled Karraï (attocube systems AG, Germany), Prof. Alexander Högele (Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany)