multi-functional piezo controller for driving attocube's closed loop positioners

The ANC350 is attocube’s multi-functional piezo controller which meets the highly demanding dynamic performance and accuracy requirements of multi-axis nanopositioning setups. Dedicated controller models for driving either positioners with resistive encoders (ANC350/RES) or positioners with optoelectronic encoders (ANC350/NUM) are available in a three-axes version. Open loop positioners can be controlled in closed loop mode in combination with the ANC350/FPS and attocube’s FPS1010, FPS3010, FPS3010-19" setups.

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General Specifications
type of instrumentmulti-functional piezo controller for closed loop positioners
number of slots3
connector to product (pos/mic)SubD-Mix connector (female)
Modes of Operation
open loop positioningstepping mode for positioners, fine positioning mode for positioners
closed loop positioningdepending on encoder system
remote operationUSB 2.0, Ethernet port (optional)
capacitance measurement50..5500 nF
positioning modestepping, fine positioning, closed loop positioning
no. device per operationcontrol of multiple device via one PC
Size and Dimensions
chassis19" rack, 2 rack units, 9 x 45 x 28.5 cm³
weightapprox. 5 kg
Controller Hardware
power supply90 - 240 VAC, 50..60 Hz
power consumption [W]max. 100
connectorfused IEC inlet
connection cable (ELE - POS)1 per axis, length: 2m
Software Drivers
Windows, LinuxStand-alone application for Windows XP™, 7™, 8™, 10™; LabVIEW™; Epics (ethernet required); DLL
Output Signals
output voltage rangestepping : 0..70 V
frequency rangestepping : 0 .. 2 kHz
output currentstepping : max > 8 A peak
maximum capacitance load1.5 µF (more with reduced bandwidth)
setpoint bandwidth1 kHz
output noise<8 mVpp (20 MHz bandwidth)
output filteradditional switchable output filter(1.6, 16, 160, 1600 Hz)
resolution of signal generation1.1 mV (16 bit)
Trigger Signals
trigger level definitionLVTTL (3.3 V), AquadB
input trigger1 per axis
output trigger1 per axis
trigger interfaceGPIO - port
Options and Upgrades
optional upgradesANC350 Ethernet Schnittstelle
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