ANSz100hs LT z Scanner aus Titan Nanopositioners for Low Temperature
Icon Low Temperature

0.01 .. 373 K

Icon Pressure

1E-4 mbar

Icon Magnetic Fields

0 - 31 T

ANSz100sr/LT z-Scanner made from Titanium

high stability open loop z-scanner

The ANSz100hs scanner enables high precision and high stability z-scanning, even at cryogenic temperatures. The ANSz100 is stackable with all ANP101 positioners and can be combined with the ANSxy100 scanners for a xyz-scanning unit.
The positioner is designed for cryogenic conditions (/LT).
Titanium is the material of choice for our cryogenic nanopositioners, as it is light, nonmagnetic, and has a coefficient of expansion matching the piezo and other elements of the drive for reliable low temperature performance.
Cryogenic Tablet


Size and Dimensions
footprint; height24 mm x 24 mm; 10 mm
maximum installation space24 mm x 24 mm; 10 mm
weight (aluminium version)19 g
positioner bodytitanium
actuatorPZT ceramics
connecting wiresinsulated twisted pair, copper
Fine Positioning Mode
fine angular positioning range @ 300 K4.3 m°
fine angular positioning range @ 4 K2 m°
fine positioning resolutionsub-nm
Accuracy of Movement
typ. forward / backward step asymmetry 0.1
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