ANSxy100std LT UHV xy Scanner aus Titan Nanopositioners for Low Temperature
Icon Low Temperature

0.01 .. 373 K

Icon Pressure

5E-11 mbar

Icon Magnetic Fields

0 - 31 T

ANSxy100std/LT/UHV xy-Scanner made from Titanium

standard range open loop xy-scanner

The ANSxy100std piezoelectric scanner enables high precision xy-scanning while providing a balance between large scan ranges and stability in three dimensions, even at cryogenic temperatures. It is stackable with all ANP101 positioners.
The positioner is designed for temperatures between 1K..423 K and pressures down to 5 E-11 mbar (/LT/UHV).
Titanium is the material of choice for our cryogenic nanopositioners, as it is light, nonmagnetic, and has a coefficient of expansion matching the piezo and other elements of the drive for reliable low temperature performance.
Cryogenic Tablet


Accuracy of Movement
no coarse positioning capability
repeatability of step sizesno coarse positioning capability
Size and Dimensions
footprint; height24 mm x 24 mm; 10 mm
maximum installation space24 mm x 24 mm; 10 mm
weight18 g
positioner bodytitanium
actuatorPZT ceramics
connecting wiresinsulated twisted pair, copper
Fine Positioning Mode
fine linear positioning range @ 300 K40 x 40 µm
fine linear positioning range @ 4 K9 x 9 µm
fine positioning resolutionsub-nm
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