ANPx51 LT x Positionierer für 1 Mikroskope  Nanopositioners for Low Temperature

ANPx51/LT x-positioner for 1" microscopes

compact linear nanopositioner for horizontal motion

The compact ANPx51 provides high resolution nanopositioning to fit 1" diameter setups. For a full 3D motion stack, two ANPx51 can be combined with an ANPz51.
The positioner is designed for cryogenic conditions (/LT).
Titanium is the material of choice for our cryogenic nanopositioners, as it is light, nonmagnetic, and has a coefficient of expansion matching the piezo and other elements of the drive for reliable low temperature performance.
Cryogenic Tablet


Size and Dimensions
maximum installation space
footprint; height15 mm x 15 mm; 9.2 mm
positioner bodytitanium
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