Microscopy Stages

Microscopy Stages

ultrasonic xy piezo stages

Ultrasonic High-Precision xy Piezo Stages

A multitude of applications these days require very fast yet highly accurate sample positioning. This is particularly true for target motion in optical imaging such as super resolution microscopy (STED, PALM) or in cell array investigation. Being a perfect solution for these tasks, attocube´s ultrasonic xy piezo stages offer highest precision motion on the nanometer scale over several centimeter travel range.

Furthermore, these ultrasonic driven piezo stages offer high drive velocity (up to 50 mm/s) combined with an unrivalled bi-directional repeatability of better than 50 nm. Operating at frequencies well above the audible range, the stages move silently and are therefore the perfect choice for noise sensitive applications.

Choices involve:

  • footprint 50x50 mm up to 300x300 mm
  • travel range 25x25 mm² up to 200x200 mm²
  • max. drive velocity 50 mm/s (at 50 nm repeatability)
  • up to 5N+ dynamic force


Typical applications:

  • sample positioning in super resolution optical microscopy
  • positioning of optics and optical components
  • cell array investigation/manipulation