integrated 6D motion solution

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The hexaCUBE offers an outstanding repeatability of 50 nm for linear motion and 1 µrad for rotational motion.

Premium Precision 6D Parallel Kinematics

With fabrication and production processes of today steadily requiring increasing accuracy, there exists a growing demand for compact yet highly accurate multi-degree-of-freedom positioning devices. attocube’s piezoelectric 6D kinematics are precisely engineered for this challenge and provide unrivalled nanometer resolution and repeatability combined with mechanical robustness and compact design. Compared to other products on the market, attocube offers higher repeatability and better travel-range-to-build-volume than any other product.

Choices involve:

  • size customization (footprint, height, travel range)
  • load customization (travel range vs load, spring compensation)
  • different material options
  • extra low height version for constrained environments (down to 57mm)
  • vacuum version


Typical applications:

  • optics and fiber alignment in assembly lines
  • 6D sample positioning for optics and microscopy

Customer Feedback

James Eger

Advanced Spectral Technologies, Inc., USA

Our tests of the hexaCUBE showed a repeatability of much better than +/-0.0006°. This is more than a magnitude better than the competitive unit we previously tested. That’s pretty good and I am doubtful that we will see much better results than this in a hexapod design.