Flexure Scanners

Flexure Scanners

smooth motion with individual stroke

High Performance Piezo Flexure Scanners

An increasing range of applications – such as image sensor interpolation or stabilization - require small to medium range sample positioning at high bandwidth/frequency. Due to our extensive engineering knowledge, we are capable to satisfy many of these requirements based on our piezo flexure technology: We put special focus to miniature designs with superior stiffness, which we develop by rapid prototyping using our finite element method (FEM) and electron-discharge milling (EDM) equipment.

Choices involve:

  • one to three degrees of freedom
  • linear, goniometric, or rotational actuation
  • custom-tailored physical dimensions, stroke, payload
  • advanced sensors and electronics
  • customized payload
  • simulated & verified dynamic performance


Typical applications:

  • highly dynamic image interpolation for image sensors (typ. near to mid IR)
  • image stabilization, widely applied from VIS to IR spectral rang