Customized Piezo Positioners

Customized Piezo Positioners

tailored to individual needs

Made-to-Measure Positioners

For many nano positioning applications, stability is - apart from highest precision - key factor for keeping a target position over long periods even during transport processes. The rotator shown above is designed for maximum rigidity and the perfect solution for applications where heavy loads have to be moved. Independently from orientation to gravity, it carries a maximum load of up to 1 kg with almost no tilt of the moving table.

Choices involve:

  • number of degrees of freedom
  • linear, goniometric, or rotational actuation
  • custom-taylored physical dimensions
  • individual travel range and speed
  • customized payload
  • sensorics from µm to sub-nm resolution
  • OEM electronics


Typical applications:

  • positioning of optics or optical components
  • nanomanipulation of objects
  • testing in quality control