Cross Mounted Positioners

Cross Mounted Positioners

merge nanopositioning stages to multi-dimiensional systems

The innovative design of attocube‘s positioners in combination with a consequent use of similar mounting patterns enables the assembly of multi axis positioning units composed of several nanopositioning stages.

Different types of positioners (linear stages, rotators, goniometers and scanners) may be combined to form a dazzling variety of setups reflecting the diverse applications. The modular concept offers the user highest flexibility in the current setup as well as for future projects. Merging several positioning units with distinct travel ranges and motion options, motor assemblies with up to six degrees of freedom can be built.

Cross mounting rules:

  • A positioner with a lower number should not be used to support one with a larger number, e.g. an ANPx51 should not carry an ANPz101, an ECSx3030 should not carry an ECG5050.
  • Cross-mounting between two differently sized models (e.g. a 51 series positioner on top of a 101 positioner) may necessitate an adapter plate (see adapter plates overview in accessories section)
  • All bearing-based positioners (ECS and ANPx3*1 series) can be mounted on a L-bracket which enables vertical positioning with loads corresponding to the specified dynamic force for the respective positioner.