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Adapter Plates AAP

AAPs are adapter plates for the AN* series. They are available in different sizes and shapes for vertical orientation or cross mounting. AAPs are made out of titanium and designed for temperatures between 1K..423 K and pressures down to 5 E-11 mbar (/LT/UHV), they can be baked out up to 150°C. Customized adapter plates are available as well.

Article Art. No.
AAP100 – Adapter for mounting AN*51 onto AN*101 1000434
AAP50 – Adapter for mounting ANSxy50 onto ANP*51 1002039
AAP15 – Adapter for tilting ANPx321/341 by 90° 1006461

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Thermal Coupling Device

For cryogenic experiments conducted in (ultra) high vacuum without He exchange gas, an effective thermal coupling of a positioner setup to the cold plate is essential. The ATC100 features high thermal conductance while maintaining the required mechanical flexibility. With the positioners and/or scanners sandwiched in between cold plate and sample via the ATC100, this allows for nanoprecise motion with the sample as close to the cryostats (base) temperature as possible. The ATC thermal coupling solution is available with or without heater and temperature sensor.

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Electrical Vacuum Feedthroughs (EVFT)

EVFTs are used to connect positioners that are mounted in a vacuum chamber to the motion controller. Two types (KF and CF) in each two sizes (40 and 63), and suitable cabling is available (see cabling).

Article Art. No.
EVFT 40CF (UHV and bake out) 1015853
EVFT 40KF (HV) 1015855
EVFT 63CF (UHV and bake out) 1015854
EVFT 63KF (HV) 1015856

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Different, well-sorted toolboxes are available for different needs. Three types of "Nanopositioner Toolboxes" including a set of various screws (Titanium or Brass), pin plugs (made from PEEK or PA), wires, base plates (ANB100 or ANB200), screwdrivers and a tweezer help you setting up your specific positioning setup. With the "Toolbox RES cabling for AMC300" you get almost everything you need to built your own connection cable between your desired feedthrough and the closed loop controller AMC300.

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attocube offers a wide variety of different cables. Our cables can be separated in two different types – AMCC: attocube Motion Controller Cabling and AVC: attocube Vacuum Cabling.

AMCC is used to connect the motion controller (AMC 300) directly to the positioner or to the RT side of the vacuum feedthrough. The name of the AMCC describes the following: AMCC/[number of axes]/[readout]/[connector]/[length]/[environment].

AVC is used within the vacuum chamber and connects a positioner to the vacuum feedthrough (see EVFT). There are two types available, depending on the used positioner (with (/RES) or without readout (/Open Loop)).

Article Art. No.
AMCC/1/RES/5-pin/2.0/RT 1020988
AMCC/3/RES/D-Sub-15/2.0/(U)HV  1020369
AVC/RES  1003817
AVC/Open Loop  1008048