nanopositioners, accessories, adapter plates aap

Adapter Plates AAP

AAP adapter plates are used for mounting attocube‘s Premium Line positioners with vertical orientation or for cross-mounting of differently sized ANP models.

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nanopositioners, accessories, thermal coupling device

Thermal Coupling Device

For cryogenic experiments conducted in (ultra) high vacuum without He exchange gas, an effective thermal coupling of a positioner setup to the cold plate is essential. The ATC100 features high thermal conductance while maintaining the required mechanical flexibility. With the positioners and/or scanners sandwiched in between cold plate and sample via the ATC100, this allows for nanoprecise motion with the sample as close to the cryostats (base) temperature as possible. The ATC thermal coupling solution is available with or without heater and temperature sensor.

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nanopositioners, accessories, toolbox


Different, well-sorted toolboxes are available for different needs. Three types of "Nanopositioner Toolboxes" including a set of various screws (Titanium or Brass), pin plugs (made from PEEK or PA), wires, base plates (ANB100 or ANB200), screwdrivers and a tweezer help you setting up your specific positioning setup. With the "Toolbox RES cabling for AMC300" you get almost everything you need to built your own connection cable between your desired feedthrough and the closed loop controller AMC300.

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nanopositioners, accessories, vacuum feedthrough vft

Vacuum Feedthrough Solution - VFT

Connecting Premium Line positioners mounted in a vacuum chamber to the piezo controller requires an additional feedthrough solution. attocube’s VFT packages comprise flanges, electrical feedthroughs, and suitable cabling.

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