Vibration Analysis and Compensation

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OEM Interferometers for monitoring vibrations and differential movements

Manufacturers of fast-running machine tools or manufacturers in semiconductor industries are facing diverse challenges in handling vibrations and unintended movements of machine‘s components and of work pieces. Limited spaces, ultra-high frequencies in different dimensions, and short amplitudes hinder the integration of conventional sensors.

The laser interferometer IDS3010 is capable of measuring high frequency vibrations under limited space conditions. Using more than one measurement axis enables the acquisition of relative velocities between different components – the basis for active vibration compensation. The manufacturing accuracy of a milling machine could be increased by reducing the relative velocities of the milling head and the work piece based on their vibrations.

Customers can choose:

  • bandwidth up to 10 MHz – suits high-frequency vibrations of up to 5MHz
  • linear analog output with a highpass filter for easy post-processing
  • real-time Fast-Fourier-Transformation (FFT) in WAVE
  • small sensor heads for machine integration and space-limited applications


Typical applications:

  • vibration monitoring of components in machine tools and semiconductor industries
  • synchronous capturing of relative velocities between different components for active vibration compensation
  • capturing movements of components for predictive maintenance or condition monitoring