Ultra Precise In-Line Travel Property Control

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OEM Interferometers for real-time stage guiding accuracy

In many industrial processes, motion and accuracy of motion are of utmost importance. This is true for machining processes (e.g. ultra- precision machining), wafer processing and inspection, metrology measurements, and many other applications.

For this purpose, attocube has designed a three-axis miniature laser interferometer, which provides ultra precise real-time measurement of linear target motion as well as analysis of parasitic pitch and yaw motions. If embedded in a closed loop circuitry, motion in three degrees of freedom can be controlled down to the nanometer scale.

Customers can choose:

  • sensor head diameter from 1.2 mm up to 15.5.mm
  • distance sensor head to target from 0 mm to > 5 meters
  • target velocity up to 2 m/s
  • direct beam or mirror deflection
  • customized housing

Typical applications:

  • calibration of machine tools, linear motors, spindles or Coordinate Measurement Machines
  • in-line displacement, pitch, and yaw measurement/control (embedded in closed-loop circuitry)
  • multiple degree of freedom measurements in quality control for the detection and limitation of errors in production
  • tilt control between die and substrate in Flip-Chip-Bonding Systems