Motion Tracking in Coordinate Measurement Machines

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OEM Interferometers for motion tracking in coordinate measurement machines

Coordinate measurement machines (CMM) have highest requirements towards precision. CMM determine geometrical dimensions of simple and complex products and components for quality control (e.g., measurements of manufacturing accuracy or tribological measurements). Those applications require an accuracy in a sub-micrometer range, while the calibration and the machine-integrated control need a higher level of accuracy.

The laser interferometers of attocube are solutions providing highest precision and large working distances at the same time – suiting the challenging requirements of CMM. While the IDS3010 allows to measure displacements of up to 5 meters, it simultaneously detects overshoots in the nanometer range. Furthermore, the compact design of the IDS3010 and the sensor heads fits machine-integrated applications.

Customers can choose:

  • target velocity up to 2m/s
  • direct beam or mirror deflection
  • workings distances of up to 5 meters with a constant precision in nanometer range
  • in situ measurements on the touching probe without Abbe errors instead of mechanically transmitted position acquisition (e.g  glass-scales)
  • compact interferometer unit for machine-integration


Typical applications:

  • calibration of coordinate measurement machines
  • in situ position acquisition of the touching probe
  • vibration analysis of the touching probe and components of CMMs (e.g. identification of overshoots)