liquid helium based Helium-3 cryostats with superconducting magnet

he bath cryostat with 3He insert

temperature range: 0.3 . . 100 K

attoDAMP & base temp. operation with 1 K pot OFF

lowest vibration cryostat available for LT-SPM

fast 3He recondensing & long hold time

fast turnaround & extended base temp. operation

The attoLIQUID3000 is a liquid helium based cryostat with a 3He-insert for operation at temperatures from < 350 mK to 300 K. The system is equipped with special low resistance wiring for attocube positioners used in our microscopes, as well as a number of coaxial lines and twisted pairs for customer use. It can be equipped with your choice of superconducting magnet, be it a single solenoid, split coil or 2D/3D vector magnet including suitable magnet power supply. All necessary components needed for a convenient operation are included, such as the renowned attoDAMP anti-vibration cabinet with acoustic damping, a suitable pump for the 1 K pot, a multi-channel temperature controller, a liquid helium level meter and probe, a transfer line and all necessary vacuum fittings.

The most outstanding feature of this system is that the 1 K pot is only needed to be pumped during recondensation of the 3He. Afterwards, the unique design allows to turn off the pump at the 1 K pot, which minimizes the residual vibrations considerably. This is what enables the use of sensitive techniques such as scanning probe microscopy in this cryostat at mK temperatures with proven performance (see application section).

Cryogenic Tablet


General Specifications
technologyliquid helium bath cryostat with 3He insert, vacuum isolation, vapor shielded, LN2 shielded optional
liquid helium dewar50 l capacity, liquid nitrogen shield (capacity 45l)
sample environmentcryogenic vacuum, sample cooled via braids
sample space2" diameter probe bore fitting all attocube inserts
vibration & acoustic noise damping systemdewar isolated and suspended in attoDAMP cabinet
Performance Data
base temperatureapprox. 270 mK (1 K pot ON, no load), approx. 350 mK (1 K pot OFF, incl. microscope).
estimated liquid helium static loss rate< 0.35 l/h (incl. microscope and wiring)
cool down time of sampleapprox. 3 h
cool down time of system (system incl. 9 T magnet)approx. 6 .. 24 h
cool down time of system (system without magnet)approx. 6 .. 24 h
³He regeneration timetyp. 30 min
temperature stability± 3 mK for T < 1.2 K
cooling power at sample locationapprox. 150 µW @ 350 mK for 12.5 hours(1 K pot ON, no load)
additional heat load when scanningapprox. 10-15 µW per µm/s scan speed
thermometrycontrol thermometer on charcoal sorption pump, thermometer on 1 K pot with standard calibration, RuO2 thermometer on ³He pot
Size and Dimensions
cryostat (width x depth x height)800 x 800 x 1800 mm³ (including attoDAMP; depending on magnet choice)
required min. ceiling heightapprox. 3.40 m plus crane (depending on magnet)
optional electronics rack (width x  depth x height)640 x 640 x 1350 mm³
Options and Upgrades
superconducting magnetsolenoids: 7, 9, 12 T, vector magnets: e.g.: 8/2 T, 9/3 T, 9/1/1 T, ...
bipolar magnet power supplyincluded (with optional magnet)
temperature controllerincluded
pumping kit1 K pot pumping kit included
helium transfer lineincluded
helium lever meterincluded
confocal microscopesattoCFM II, attoCFM III
atomic force microscopesattoAFM I , AFM upgrade options (MFM, KPFM, PFM, conductive-tip AFM), attoAFM III, attoAFM/STM
scanning Hall probe microscopesattoSHPM
combined atomic and confocal microscopeattoAFM/CFM (on request)
transport measurementsatto3DR/mK
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Compatible Microscopes

Customer Feedback

Dr. S. Heun

Instituto Nanoscienze-CNR and Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

The attoLIQUID3000 with the attoDAMP anti-vibration cabinet has been serving us very well as mK platform for scanning gate microscopy since 2008. Its handling is straightforward and easy, and due to the special 1 K pot design, vibrations are of no big concern even at base temperature.