Fixation to Optical Table

option for attoDRY1000

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Add-on for free-beam experiments: Some optical setups (e.g. many time-resolved experiments) include a number of complex optical components mounted on an optical table, before the free-beam is sent onto the cold sample.

For such configurations, attocube offers an optional anchoring of the attoDRY1000/1100 to the optical table. It defines a fixed reference position between the external optics and the sample inside the cryostat. For seamless interfacing of complex free-beam based optical setups with the cryogenic sample environment and high magnetic fields. The distance between the vertical axis of the inner vacuum tube in the cryostat and the optical table is adjustable.

Customer Feedback

Prof. David Gershoni

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

The attoDRY cryostat  has been the workhorse of our quantum optics research group over the last 5 years, running almost 24/7. The most convenient feature of the system  is the stable coupling between the cryostat insert and our optical table. This feature, which was custom made for us,  enables the combination of an elaborate free-beam optical setup with the convenience of an extremely stable,  toploading cryostat. The cryostat stability is excellent, and sample turnaround times are kept minimal due to the cryostat design, in which the studied sample is cooled by exchange gas.