automated top-loading cryostat with superconducting magnet

cryogen-free & low vibration cryostat platform

no liquid helium required & enables SPM

automated gas handling system

user-friendly even for cryo-beginners

low Temp. (4 K) & high magnetic fields (up to 9 T)

quantum optics & magneto-optics applications

The attoDRY1100 offers a truly unique low temperature measurement platform with a fully automated gas handling system. The integrated touchscreen allows for conveniently setting the desired field (B) and temperature (T) without even using a PC. More elaborate measurement schemes such as programmable sweeps of B and T are easily possible via a USB connection and a LabVIEW interface.

The top-loading design enables quick and easy sample exchange, while offering a generous sample space of 49.7 mm in diameter. The unmatched cooling performance via exchange gas coupling enables probe cooldown times as short as 1-2 hours. The initial cooldown time of the complete system is around 10-15 hours including a 9 T magnet. The temperature stability was measured to be better than ±5 mK over 14 hours at 4 K.

Last but not least, the attoDRY1100 was specifically designed to provide an ultra-low vibration measurement platform for cryogenic scanning probe experiments without the need for liquid helium. Due to a proprietary design, mechanical vibrations created by the pulse-tube coldhead are decoupled from the measurement platform. When measured with the attoAFM I, vibration amplitudes of less than 0.15 nm RMS are routinely achieved (bandwidth of 200 Hz, vertical direction)1

1 Further reading: Quacquarelli, F.P, et al., „Scanning Probe Microscopy in an Ultra-Low Vibration Closed-Cycle Cryostat: Skyrmion Lattice Detection and Tuning Fork Implementation“, Microscopy Today, 23(6), 12-17 (2015)


atomic force microscopesattoAFM I , AFM upgrade options (MFM, KPFM, PFM, conductive-tip AFM), attoAFM III (on request)
scanning Hall probe microscopesattoSHPM
transport measurementsatto3DR
confocal microscopesattoCFM I, attoCFM II, attoCFM III, attoCFM IV
confocal Raman microscopesattoRAMAN
Performance Data
base temperature4 K (guaranteed), 3.2 (expected)
magnetic field controlvia touchscreen, via remote control
Max. magnetic field100 % (e.g. 9 T) @ 4 K sample temperature, 67% (e.g. 6 T out of 9 T) @300 K sample temperature, 100 % guaranteed for temperature between 4 and 10 K, 67% guaranteed, for temperature between 10 and 300
cool down time of sampleapprox. 2 h (depending on insert)
cool down time of system (system incl. 9 T magnet)approx. 10 .. 15 h (unattended)
cool down time of system (system without magnet)approx. 5 .. 10 h (unattended)
temperature stability< ± 10 mK expected (4 .. 50 K), < ± 25 mK guaranteed (4 .. 50 K)
cooling power at sample location> 75 mW @ 10 K
temperature control Fully automated, including all pumps and valvesTouchscreen & remote control via PC
temperature range4 .. 300 K
Closed-Cycle Cooler
field cooling possibleno
nominal cooling power> 900 mW @ 4.2 K
power consumptionmax. 9.0 kW, 7.2 kW steady state
cooling of compressorwater cooling (requires local infrastructure)
Size and Dimensions
cryostat (width x depth x height)1120 x 640 x 1050 mm³ (depending on magnet choice)
required min. ceiling heightapprox. 2.60 m ( depending on magnet)
optional electronics rack (width x  depth x height)640 x 640 x 1050 mm³
General Specifications
technologyultra-low vibration, pulse-tube based closed-cycle cryostat, designed for scanning probe microscopy applications
sample environmentHe exchange gas, 4 pressure ranges, fully automated gas handling
sample space49.7 mm diameter probe bore fitting all attocube inserts
sample exchangetop loading system for quick access, Automatic gas handling
usabilityfully automated temperature and magnetic field control via integrated touchscreen, USB interface for remote control
vibration & acoustic noise damping systemproprietary low vibration design
Options and Upgrades
superconducting magnet9 T (other magnets on request)
bipolar magnet power supplyincluded (with optional magnet)
temperature controllerincluded
pumping kitincluded
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