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Nanoscale Solutions

OEM Solutions, Nanofactory trans

With our nanopositioners and laser interferometers we offer components, modules, and systems on different levels of integration to support our OEM partners in providing cutting-edge products to their customers.

The high precision in combination with the compactness of our products make them easy to integrate into space-confined OEM applications. In the past decades, we have gained long-term experience in enabling our partners to make their products more precise and efficient. Our OEM-ready supply chain ensures stable quality and long-term reliability of our products.

Flexible Manufacturing and Supply Chain

OEM Solutions, testing facilities and quality assurance

Testing Facilities and Quality Assurance

For more than 15 years, we design, test, and offer components for extreme environments. Our quality assurance is equipped with test stations for high vacuum, low temperature, or ultra-high vacuum.
OEM Solutions, traceability of sensing and motion components

Traceability of Sensing and Motion Components

Thanks to our sensor technology that is traceable to the NIST and to the PTB, we also offer systems for Motion & Sensing that are calibrated to metrology standards. The sensors that are used in our production are calibrated directly by the PTB or in DAkkS-accredited laboratories.
OEM Solutions, application development and expert support team

Application Development and Expert Support Team

Our application team consists of experts from metrology and precision engineering who help our customers in selecting and integrating motion components into their systems. The support team assists you in terms of repairs, upgrades, or warranty.
OEM Solutions, lean production and shopfloor management

Lean Production and Shopfloor Management

Our complete supply chain is orientated towards the lean production organization that enable short delivery times, flexibility, and high quality for the production of customized systems as wells as high quantities. A strong fundament is given by our shopfloor management approach that provides the required transparency.