Vibration Analysis of Sub-Systems

Vibration Analysis of Sub-Systems

interferometric characterization for endurance tests & launch simulation

Since the first satellite was launched (Sputnik I in 1957), thousands more followed in the passing decades. The number of satellites in operation increases every year, and private companies entering the field make them ever smaller (< 1 m3) and cheaper.

Nevertheless, quality and reliability are still key requirements for technology sent to space. Therefore, a high amount of effort is put into the testing and qualification of parts, sub-systems, and complete satellites. One of the many tests are vibration and thermal vacuum tests, which simulate launch and space conditions.

attocube's solution

attocube’s IDS3010 interferometer sensor enables displacement and vibration measurements on retroreflectors, or in order to avoid additional mass or influencing the resonance, directly on high reflective materials. Combined with extreme environment compatibility like UHV or low and high temperatures, it is perfectly suited for tests in space typical environments.

Displacement Sensor IDS3010

displacement sensors, ids

Control Unit
  • multi-axis measurements 
  • certified accuracy in the nanometer range
  • 10 MHz measurement bandwidth
Sensor Heads
  • compatible to different surfaces (mirrors, polished metal…)
  • vacuum, low & high temperature compatible
  • miniaturized sensor heads