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The next 20 start now!

This is a special month for attocube! On November 21, 2001 attocube was founded as a spin-off from the CeNS (Center for NanoScience) at Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilian University. Prof. Dr. Khaled Karraï and his PhD student Dirk Haft - two visionaries with exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and courage - developed a nanopositioning device that could function under extreme conditions such as cryogenic temperatures, ultra-high vacuum and magnetic fields.

This idea won them the Munich Business Plan Competition which was the springboard for the future of attocube. What began as a “two-man show” with a large portion of creative playfulness, passion and the input from some experienced advisors continued to grow. The company has since gone on to win further prestigious awards, sustainably broaden its portfolio, and hire additional employees.

Hard to believe that it's already 20 years since the foundation of attocube. The last two decades had been an exciting and inspring journey: attocube wouldn't be where it is without having shared that path with many great partners, customers & team members. Each and every one of you contributed to make the company what it is today.

We celebrated a lot of successes, faced exciting challenges and developed new approaches and products. We gathered a lot of experiences, and -  you can be sure - also learned some lessons. However, one thing remained the same: the attocube spirit and our passion for thinking beyond existing boundaries!

All this would not have been possible without you so we take this moment to say 'THANK YOU'.  And we are looking forward to our path full of future challenges which we can hopefully share with you. Join the journey...

...the next 20 start now!

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