General Specifications

type of instrument

free-beam based room temperature optics head coupled to low temperature objective and ultra-high transmission spectrometer

sensor head specifics

unique low temperature compatible achromatic objectives with high numerical aperture, optimized for different wavelength ranges

Confocal Unit


compact and modular design, two or more optical channels, standard configuration

key benefits

quick and reliable alignment of each channel, steering mirror for the combined beams exceptional long-term stability

quick-exchange of optical components

beamsplitters, filter mounts for up to 4 filters/ polarizers (1" diameter), optional piezoelectric rotator with filter mount

pinhole configuration

two pinholes (fiber apertures), different illumination and collection wavelength possible

pinhole size

dependent on fibers, typically 3 .. 9 µm mode field diameter

LT- compatible objective

LT-APO/VIS, LT-APO/VISIR, LT-APO/NIR(see accessory section for more information)

inspection unit

sample imaging with large field of view


excitation wavelength range

400 .. 1000 nm, default 532 nm (others on request)

illumination port specification

FC/ APC-connector for single mode fibers or free-beam configuration

light source

dedicated Raman laser, single mode fiber coupled

light power on the sample

typically 1 pW..10mW

optical filter

laser line filter


detection mode

2D Raman images, time and single point Raman spectra


ultra-high transmission spectrometer, f=300 mm

total optical transmission

greater 60% at 532 nm


dichroic mirror & edge filter for signal detection as close as 90 cm-1 to the laser line


typ. 600/mm and 1800/mm grating

spectral resolution

1 cm-1 at 1800/mm grating

CCD camera

back-illuminated CCD, peltier-cooled to -60 °C at 20 °C room temperature, 1024x127 pixels, 90% quantum efficiency at 532 nm, 100 kHz readout converter

Sample Positioning

total travel range

5 x 5 x 5 mm³ (open loop)

step size

0.05..3 µm @ 300 K, 10..500 nm @ 4 K

fine scan range

50 x 50 µm² @ 300 K, 30 x 30 µm² @ 4 k (open loop)

sample holder

ASH/QE/0 quick exchange sample holder and integrated heater with calibrated temperature sensor

Suitable Operating Conditions

temperature range

1.5 K..300 K (dependent on cryostat); mK compatible setup available on request

magnetic field range

0..15 T+ (dependent on magnet)

operating pressure

designed for He exchange gas (vacuum compatible version down to 1E-6 mbar on request)

Suitable Cooling Systems

titanium housing diameter

48 mm

bore size requirement

designed for a 2" (50.8 mm) cryostat/magnet bore

compatible cryostats

attoDRY1000/1100/2100, attoLIQUID1000/2000 (attoLIQUID3000/5000 on request)

Compatibility with Electronics

scan controller and software

dedicated FPGA-based RAMAN controller providing coarse positioning and scanning signals for sample positioning and scanning in x, y, and z direction; control software for extensive Raman signal data acquisition

Options and Upgrades

in-situ inspection optics

incl. with CFM I external optics head

closed loop upgrade for coarse positioners

resistive encoder, range 5 mm, sensor resolution approx. 200 nm, repeatability 1-2 µm

sample holder upgrade

ASH/QE/4CX quick-exchange sample holder with 8 electrical contacts and integrated heater with calibrated temperature sensor

Voigt geometry upgrade

Voigt-IWDO objective, ASH/QE/4CX/CFM sample holder with 8 electrical contacts for Voigt & Faraday geometry and optional scanner for Voigt & Faraday geometry