General Specifications

type of instrument

combined side injection into planar waveguide structures and perpendicular confocal optics on top of the sample. Perpendicular injection is possible

sensor head specifics

two independent lensed fiber probes with 3 individual degrees of freedom, low temperature compatible apochromatic objective and external confocal optics head

Confocal Unit


compact and modular design, two or more optical channels standard configuration

key benefits

quick and reliable alignment of each channel, steering mirror for the combined beams exceptional long-term stability

quick-exchange of optical components

beamsplitters, filter mounts for up to 4 filters/ polarizers (1" diameter), optional piezoelectric rotator with filter mount

pinhole configuration

two pinholes (fiber apertures), different illumination and collection wavelength possible

pinhole size

dependent on fibers, typically 3 .. 9 µm mode field diameter

LT- compatible objective

LT-APO/VIS, LT-APO/VISIR, LT-APO/NIR(see accessory section for more information)

inspection unit

sample imaging with large field of view

long-term stability

lateral drift of confocal spot typically <2 nm/h

Sample Positioning

total travel range

sample 6 mm x 6 mm (closed loop), fiber probes 3 x 3 x 2.5 mm³ (closed loop)

step size

0.05..3 µm @ 300 K, 10..500 nm @ 4 K

sample holder

carefully thermalized, quick exchange mechanism, including calibrated temperature sensor and heater

Suitable Operating Conditions

temperature range

< 3K..300K

operating pressure

1E-6 mbar .. 1 bar

Suitable Cooling Systems

compatible cryostats

attoDRY800(flow cryostats on request)

Compatibility with Electronics


LDM600 laser/detector module (for detailed specifications please see attoCONTROL section)